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Dermapen – Skin Needling Treatment

The Dermapen is the UK’s leading non-surgical skin regeneration treatment and we, at Essex Sanctuary, are proud to have been the first in Essex to have been providing this safe micro needling technology for skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation for many years now.

This collagen and elastin skin boosting treatment helps to :

  • improve skin texture and tone
  • reduce fine lines & wrinkles
  • improve skin laxity (loose skin), so tightening the skin
  • reduce acne and trauma scarring and
  • reduce excess pigmentation/sun spots/sun damage of the skin
  • reduces rosacea (redness of skin)
  • minimises large open pores
  • while also increasing the skin’s natural radiance for a healthier looking complexion.

Dermapen treatment is suitable for all skin types and is also known as collagen induction therapy/acupuncture.

Fine microscopic needles of even length at the tip of an electric pen are gently glided over the facial areas to be treated which create microscopic channels in the skin stimulating a wound healing response with intense renewal repair and rejuvenation.

The channels allow for penetration of active skin ingredients within medical products to be absorbed by the skin helping it to have a more beneficial result in the skin enhancement.

Natural growth factors within the skin are released and these then stimulate collagen producing cells in the skin, thus using the body’s own ability to grow and repair the skin. New blood supply within the skin is also triggered which allows further oxygenation and nutrients to be fed into the skin giving it a healthier glow.

All these factors help to initiate collagen and elastin growth within the skin allowing it to become more youthful, tighter and providing many of the benefits mentioned in the list above.

The medical pen can be adjusted to alter the depth of the needle penetration within the skin layers and the speed at which it can be used appropriate to the problem within the skin being treated. Hence, the treatment is tailored according to the needs of you skin specifically.

Results are similar to those achieved with fractional laser treatments, IPL or chemical peel treatment, but without the side effects and downtime.

A great advantage of the dermapen is that it can even be used around the delicate eye area, nose and mouth unlike any other micro needling treatment.

The treatment involves pre and post treatment of the skin on the day to enhance the benefits that can be achieved for your skin as well as ensuring the treatment is as relaxing and comfortable for you.

This will all be explained to you at the consultation appointment and your treatment appointment planned appropriately.

Acne Scarring

The Dermapen™ treatment can provide drastic results improving the appearances of the scars. The micro needles of the Dermapen™ create new collagen and elastin to be generated and deposited called collagenesis, however the added benefit of new capillary growth is also a result which can improve blood supply to the area which helps create healthier existing skin as well as provide a healthy foundation for the new skin. The Dermapen™ keeps the epidermis integrity full intact while treating the area which quickens healing time and causes less pain.


Surgical Scars

The challenge of a surgical scar lies within the matrix of all the forms or categories of the scars involving hypertrophic and keloid scars and pigmentation flaws. These scars thicken over time. The Dermapen’s™ unique vertical stamping and depth control up to 2.5mm makes treating scars superior to other methods or rollering. With surgical steel integrity, the robust nature of the automated needle tip (11 needles total and sized at thirty-three gauge) penetrate difficult scar tissue, dramatically improving appearance, texture, elasticity, size and mobility.


Stretch Marks

Various treatments are available for the purpose of improving the appearance of existing stretch marks, including laser treatments, dermabrasion, and prescription retinoids. Some cream manufacturers claim the best results are achieved on recent stretch marks; however, few studies exist to support these claims. The use of the Dermapen™ uses the bodies’ natural solution for unsightly stretch marks. New collagen growth and stimulation is more effective for reducing and fading stretch marks. The Dermapen ™ does this through Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).
The Dermapen™ device allows for appropriate treatment needle depth to activate the cascade of fibroblast and growth hormone to generate more skin, collagen and elastin for smooth and healthy coloured skin. The skin of the epidermis effectively thickens and becomes noticeably smoother therefore evening stretch marks is the result.


Fine lines and wrinkles

The Dermapen® promotes a process of new skin growth through the science of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). The most effective way to stimulate or “Induce” new skin is by micro-needling with the Dermapen’s™ vertical stamping method. This new stimulation can be done quickly and easily while keeping the epidermis intact and down-time to a minimum.

The Difference Between Derma Rollers And Dermapen

.In recent years there has been a surge in people undertaking micro needling treatment for skin rejuvenation purposes in salons and clinics. The traditional device is the Derma Roller, with fewer and bigger needles that can be more traumatising to the skin due to the way they enter and exit the skin at an angle. The Dermapen is a more advanced and effective method as it does many more penetrations with smaller needles, which are perpendicular to the surface.

Patients treated with the Dermapen have said that the procedure is less painful than the Derma Roller, and the recovery/down time is significantly shorter with better results.

Before & after treatment

When patients come to us, we carefully consider the best course of treatment and chose the specific locations that would give them amazing results.  You can see for yourself below how effective their results are!

Before and after treatment photos and cases coming soon! Or book a consultation to see our portfolio in the skin clinic.

Most frequently asked questions

Does a Dermapen™ treatment hurt?
There are two types of Dermapen™ treatments. The first type calls for the use of an aesthetic cream to numb the area, to allow for a deeper, more aggressive Dermapen™ treatment. The second type involves using Dermapen™ at a shallower depth, eliminating the need to pre-treat the skin with an aesthetic cream. Depending on the patient’s skin and the type of treatment provided, the skin may appear red and irritated for a few days. Specially formulated creams can be used before and after a Dermapen™ treatment to minimize this effect.
How quickly are results visible?

Visibly rejuvenated skin can generally be seen after just 6-8 days following a procedure, with results further improving over time. A course of Dermapen™ sessions is usually recommended to achieve optimal results; however, improvement is usually noticeable after just one treatment.

Is Dermapen™ safe?

Injections are not a part of a Dermapen™ treatment, so allergic reactions and side-effects are unlikely to occur. The procedure is minimally invasive, which means that there is virtually no downtime and the healing process is quick. Aftercare is also very simple and can be fully administered at home.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with skin needling? 

Side effects experienced with Dermapen™ will usually subside within 48 hours. They include erythema, stinging, itching and tightness of the skin.

Should Botox users wait 6 weeks before having a Botox treatment?

Clients who have had Botox treatments should ideally wait 2 weeks either side of having Dermapen™ treatment. 

How many treatments a year can someone have? I understand its every 4-6 weeks between treatments?

6-8 weeks, a course of 4-8 on average. As Dermapen™ results are essentially permanent; it is not like a micro where it must be ongoing.

My face has a few slightly raised red and itchy lesions today, is that normal and something the client may experience?

 Yes absolutely normal. Some people just get red and dry skin, others get quite flaky dry and red skin, others tend to break out in lots of lumps like pimples but they go away in 3 days. So yes, it is normal and is just the body purging itself of toxins. 

What can be expected after Dermapen™ treatment?
Day 1 Erythema and redness, severity of which will depend upon the aggressiveness of the performed treatment.
Day 2 Red or pink hue similar to moderate sunburn may persist. There may be some noticeable swelling on the second day.
Day 3 Skin may still retain a pink hue, or return to normal colour. Swelling subsides.
Can you have the treatment in conjunction with IPL hair and/or rejuvenation settings and what should be the time gap? E.g. if a client has just had hair removal this week with IPL can they have Dermapen™ needling next week or even the same week?

Not IPL rejuvenation. The client would get scar tissue from a double wound healing response. They could do pigment, but really why would they need to do this when the Dermapen™ provides the versatility? 4 week intervals if they absolutely had to.

What if they have had electrolysis? Is this still okay to use the Dermapen™?

Again this is fine to use but it is best to let their skin heal for a week or 2 or they will be more sensitive. It shouldn’t be a problem but the pain levels they experience during the treatment may be greater. This of course depends on the electrolysis practitioner because some tend to cause more damage than others to the skin and therefore require more healing time

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