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What is LED phototherapy in South Ockendon?

LED Phototherapy, powered by Dermalux Flex, is a non-invasive and clinically proven treatment that utilises specific wavelengths of light energy to stimulate cellular activity.

This therapeutic approach harnesses the power of light to promote skin health, accelerate healing and address a variety of skin concerns.

This safe and painless treatment is often used by celebrities and is popular with our own patients in South Ockendon, Orsett, Chafford Hundred, Rainham and throughout Essex.

LED phototherapy is often used to treat a range of skin conditions including:

  • Acne
  • Rosacea or red skin
  • Dry and dull looking skin
  • Skin pigmentation
  • Wrinkles
  • Psoriasis
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Poor circulation
  • Boost collagen

LED phototherapy by Dermalux Flex can be used to gently treat the face and body.

How does LED phototherapy in Essex work?

The Dermalux Flex device has a total of 360 LED bulbs in 3 colours which penetrate your skin at varying depths.

These wavelengths stimulate cellular processes – promoting collagen production, reducing inflammation and enhancing the overall health of your skin.

LED phototherapy is a relaxing and calming treatment whereby you lie down underneath the Dermalux lights for about 20 minutes. It’s suitable for all skin types and can be customised to target specific concerns such as ageing, pigmentation and acne.

The flexibility of the Dermalux Flex allows for a tailored approach, ensuring you receive the most effective and personalised treatment. Here is an overview of how the different colours within Dermalux Flex work, your practitioner will discuss the best treatment or combination of light treatments for you:

Blue light
The blue light wavelength has antibacterial and calming qualities. It is delivered to the first layer of skin to destroy bacteria which causes acne and spots. This light also helps to improve the clarity of skin.

Red light
The red light wavelength goes one layer deeper than blue. It is used to boost repair and the renewal of skin, targeting fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and skin redness. It can also help with soothing psoriasis, muscle and joint pain.

Near infra-red light
This wavelength is the most deeply absorbed and is used for the strongest form of repair and rejuvenation. Often used to target scars, anti-ageing and for the healing of pain and inflammation.

Benefits of LED phototherapy in Essex

Patients from Rainham, Orsett, Chafford Hundred, South Ockendon, and throughout Essex are choosing LED phototherapy for the following reasons:

Improved skin tone and texture
LED phototherapy stimulates collagen production, leading to firmer and smoother skin

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
LED phototherapy by Dermalux Flex minimises the appearance of ageing signs for a more youthful complexion

Acne reduction
The treatment targets and eliminates acne-causing bacteria, reducing breakouts and inflammation

Enhanced healing
LED phototherapy speeds up the skin’s natural healing process, making it ideal for post-procedure recovery

Even skin pigmentation
LED phototherapy addresses irregular skin tone, sunspots and hyperpigmentation to give a more even complexion

Non-invasive and painless
Enjoy the benefits of LED phototherapy without any discomfort or downtime

FAQs for LED phototherapy in South Ockendon

Is LED phototherapy safe for all skin types?
Yes, LED phototherapy is safe for all skin types and the Dermalux Flex system can be customised to suit individual needs.

How soon will I see results with LED phototherapy?
Many clients notice improvements after just one session, but optimal results are usually achieved with a series of treatments.

Is there any downtime after a session?
No, there is no downtime. The treatment is extremely relaxing, and you can resume your regular activities immediately after a session.

Sarita is amazing and excellent at what she does. On your first visit for consultation she would spend a lot of time to listen to your concerns and provide honest advice and recommendations of the treatment that would be most beneficial for you. She is very trustworthy, friendly, a true professional with excellent customer service skills. She will make you feel very comfortable and safe. I’ve benefitted from the treatment I’ve received and would highly recommend Essex Sanctuary if you’re looking for the best treatment which you would benefit from.
Dr.Sarita has been anabsolute pleasure. Her professionalism and depth of knowledge are truly commendable.She consistently delivers excellent results and goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking top-notch expertise!!!
I’ve had my 2nd visit to Sarita now. I can honestly say what a friendly experience it has been from start to finish. From the first call I felt like I had known Sarita for years and felt completely at ease. I had my consultation and we discussed various options until I felt happy with the choice I made. There was no pushy sales pitch just lots of information and advice. My past experience of toxins was not good and put me off for a while but I’m glad I made this leap. For anyone considering going down and aesthetics route Sarita is definitely the person to go with.Each visit I have made feels like I am with my friend and the best choice I have made.Thankyou Sarita for being you and doing what you know best.
I love using Essex sanctuary, I am always made to feel welcome and Sarita is lovely and very caring ,she tells you all about the products she’s using, I’ve had Botox and fillers with her and I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else for my treatment
Sarita is good at what she does, she is an expert in her field who goes with not just beauty, but also safety.Look no where else but with Sarita @Essex Sanctuary.
I have visited Essex Sanctuary on a few occassions now. I cannot speak highly enough of Sarita, her knowledge and professionalism, her friendly and welcoming manner. I am always made to feel relax because I know that I will only be recomended procedures or products that will work for me. There is not pressure to take anything on or book anything and the advice is always honest and explained indepth. I will be continuing my treatments and feel they have had an effect on making me feel better about myself.
Sarita is amazing. On your first visit she takes time to find out your concerns and advises honestly if the treatments she offers will benefit you. She is friendly, professional and will put you completely at ease. I highly recommend Essex Sanctuary. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
loving the service Sarita gives so professional but so friendly tooLoving the teeth whitening serviceSarita is so accommodating with all of her services and so easy to talk to would recommend her to anyone
I’ve been so impressed with the service and treatments I’m receiving. Sarita takes the time to explain everything about the procedures and what to expect in detail. Super friendly and professional! The service, treatment, results and aftercare have all been exceptional! 100% would recommend Essex Sanctuary!
I have been visiting the Essex Sanctuary for many years. I visited Sarita after having Botox treatment elsewhere. I was not happy with the outcome and I was very worried about having any further treatment. Sarita reassured my confidence in this treatment! The Botox Sarita gives me looks very natural and takes away my lines. I also have fillers with Sarita. People always comment that I look much younger than my real age. Sarita ensures I have a perfectly natural look. I simply would not let anyone else touch my face!
I had armpit Botox and I regret not going here sooner!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!! I instantly noticed a difference! Will be coming back here again and again! Brilliant service!
Sarita puts you at ease straight away. She explains everything thoroughly before you make a mutual decision on what's best for you. I have complete confidence in her and would not hesitate recommending her to anyone
Sarita is a perfectionist in her work!
I have been a patient of Sarita’s for a couple of years, I absolutely can not recommend her enough. Sarita does not rush you, explains everything, nothing is too much trouble, I honestly would not go anywhere else. Sarita provides fantastic care in the clinic and aftercare. I have recommended Sarita to a few friends & family and they will all say the same thing.
I was very nervous of having my lips done and wanted a natural look. Sarita talked me through the whole procedure and my options, putting me at ease. I am truly delighted with the results and cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you 😊
Sarita is a warm and friendly lady. She is very professional in her field. She explains the treatments very well and her opinion is of great help too. I have had Botox, derma fillers and profhilo, all of which gave me good results.
Very professional service and the benefits are amazing. Would recommend to anyone.Thank you for changing my life Sarita xx
!!!GAME CHANGER!!!I recently visited Sarita at the Essex Sanctuary for underarm botox and it is a real game changer and something i would highly recommend if you are conscious about sweating.The treatment was professional explained and it was quick, painless and the benefits have been fantastic.I visited Dubai shortly after my treatment (1 week later) and even in 32c heat i didn’t sweat once where normally i would have been worried and probably wore tops that would have hid the fact i was sweating. This has not only allowed me to wear what i want but also gives you an unexpected boost in confidence.I never thought being ex-military i would have had this done but it was recommended by a friend and i wish i did it sooner. Overall 5 star treatment and service, thank you
Sarita is lovely, kind and professional, she makes you feel very relaxed, she explains everything about the procedure and takes the time to advise you what is the best product, how it works and the results it will achieve. I am very pleased with the results, I would definitely recommend Sarita. The expertise and care was excellent.
Sarita is superb. I’d been having facial skin problems (pimples under skin & blemishing) and suffering from general facial fatigue and ageing. After a professional and insightful consultation she was able to recommend the perfect rectification treatments for the fatigue and ageing. In addition, I got great advice on introducing a daily routine for skin maintenance that was perfect for my skin. The products available are incredibly effective. A year on and I couldn’t be happier and feel totally confident in how I look and feel. To top it all Sarita’s is really supportive, friendly and attentive every time I’ve seen her. Thank you so much!
I have been going to Sarita for nearly 6 years. I have had Botox & fillers every year. Sarita is so professional and a lovely person that always takes time to make me feel special whenever I come in for treatment. I would not trust anyone else with my face she knows exactly how to achieve the look I want and is always available with advice if I have any concerns. Highly recommend
Amazing. I felt at ease from moment I walked in. Sarita is highly professional and friendly. She took the time to discuss what i was looking to achieve and the options. I am delighted with the results.
I decided to refresh my look but wanted…I decided to refresh my look but wanted the end result to be subtle but effective. I also wanted to ensure that I would be in the best possible hands so my preference was to have a qualified medical professional rather than from a beautician background.I had a relaxed consultation with Sarita who explained all my options in detail and we agreed a plan.The treatments have worked beyond my expectations. I feel so much more confident and look amazing.
Very happy with the results. I had my fitst botox treatment with Sarita last year and was very nervous about it looking too much but Sarita made sure she went subtle for my first and I was very happy, have since been back for my 2nd and even more impressed. Very professional, friendly service, definitely feel like you are in good hands. Thank you.
Sarita, give great advice on the treatments provided and only recommends what you need. Sarita is kind, caring and gentle when injecting, she always freezes the area prior to starting the procedure. Her technique brings amazing results, I would highly recommend Sarita at the Esse, Sanctuary and will not go anywhere else. I did my research prior to booking and would only go see a qualified doctor who understands the muscles in your face and neck.
I can't speak highly enough of Sarita and her services. Her expertise shines through and her professionalism is outstanding. Sarita is very informative about the treatments she offers which inturn helps you to make an informed decision as to what is the right treatment for you. I whole heartedly recommend Essex Sanctuary and I would not go anywhere else.
I highly recommend Sarita & the Essex Sanctuary clinic. I have been going for a couple of years now & wouldn’t go anywhere else. Sarita is always so welcoming & professional & makes you feel at ease from the moment you meet her. You won’t be disappointed! Xxx
I’ve been visiting Sarita for around 5 years now, shes lovely, shes very good at what she does and is very professional. I have a small amount of Botox in my forehead which she does to my exact requirement to just smooth out the deep frown lines but not so much that it doesn’t look natural. And one of the best things is she never pressures me or even mentions about having other bits and pieces done.I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
Sarita is a lovely lady, she is very professional and makes you feel at ease. I am about to see Sarita again for the fourth time to treat my excessive sweating. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarita and the Essex Sanctuary for anyone thinking of having this treatment.
I have been a client of Sarita for nearly 18 years now when Botox treatment wasn’t really “in”. I had heard of it but had doubts.Suffering from a deep furrow line between my eyebrows made me look surly & unfriendly not my personality at all! So I took a leap of faith & booked an appointment with Sarita. From the outset she was a total professional. With her amazing smile, warmth & knowledge she gave me the insight & confidence to have the treatment Since then & now I haven’t had anyone I would trust with this delicate procedure. Having it done so early on, I don’t have to have injections for up to a year or more now!You think that this doesn’t really help Sarita’s case- but it does immeasurably as a testament to her dedication & commitment. I would recommend her & have done so to my closest & dearest. That is why, if I could I would give a review of 10 stars.
Amazing experience got the result I wanted and look forward to exploring anti-aging treatments with an expert that makes me feel safe and heard. Thanks Dr Sarita!I had drove past the clinic many times and upon googling I saw the amazing reviews that Dr Sarita had got. Upon sending a query I received a warm welcome and we were able to chat through my needs. After listening to my experience and my goals, we got a consultation booked in. When you arrive at the clinic there is no dedicated parking spaces but across the road there is a car park and the first hour is free - so there was no issues and didn’t pay anything extra. The clinic is in a cottage and pretty. Ringing the doorbell, Dr Sarita buzzes you in, and asks to wear a mask and sanitise hands to protect yourself and others. Up the stairs you are welcomed by Dr Sarita and she gets you comfortable in the waiting area with a drink and some paperwork to read and fill in. The place has dark woods and purple as it’s theme. The radio playing in the background and the welcoming decor gets you feeling comfortable in no time. Dr Sarita then asks you to join her in the room where the magic is done. Dr Sarita repeated everything we had chatted about and inspected my face. We got some photographs (optional) and then talked through the specific areas we wanted to target and achieve. After paying the deposit, I was booked in and was not nervous but actually excited. The treatments I had were Botox and fillers. On the day, we took photos again, I was marked with a white pencil of where the treatments were going to happen and then we started the treatments. Dr Sarita kept checking if I was fine, was talking to keep me distracted, handed me the mirror to show me the results and letting me know what she was doing. At the end, I was handed the mirror again to see if I was happy and needed any tweaks, we took some photos and was booked in for a review in two weeks. All I can say is that I am very happy with the results. I look rested, smoother, younger and most of all natural. Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Finding the right treatment for your skin can be extremely challenging. There are so many options available! And the price range can vary significantly so you don't always get value for money. The key is finding the right practioner, someone experienced who will provide honest advice on which treatments to invest and which treatments will be a waste of your money. Dr. Sarita at the Essex Sanctuary is that person. You can be sure you are in highly trustable, professional and experienced hands. The treatments work extremely well and I am very happy with the results.
I recently had a procedure at Essex Sanctuary to have my nose straightened using fillers. I’m writing this review for anyone thinking of having this, as I am so impressed! I was really nervous as obviously your nose is on your face and I didn’t want to make it look bigger or worse, but Sarita has done an amazing job! It’s so subtle to everyone else but honestly a massive difference. Sarita explained that the filler can be dissolved if I didn’t like it! Thankfully I love it so would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of having this treatment.I’d also add I have used Sarita a few times and she is so professional and makes you feel in safe hands. I like the natural look and she delivers this. I wouldn’t go anywhere else x
So pleased with my Botox experiences here at Essex Sanctuary.I've had great results from my first round to help me address a nervous twitch I had which caused me to frown in short bursts repeatedly (due to wearing glasses). This had started to cause fine lines over time which prompted me to try and relieve it. Sarita was very optimistic about the treatment and helped me understand Botox and what it can do for the twitch. After one treatment, results were quickly seen after a few days and lasted me a full 4 months before needing my second treatment and even then - my fine lines were nowhere near as bad as before! The muscles in my brows are being retrained to relax.I was very nervous as I'm not very good with needles, but it's a lovely, relaxing atmosphere, very clean and professional which made the whole process easy! Second time around even easier!I've really found my confidence again. Thank you!
Brilliant friendly service for everyone from all walks of life, including LGBTQ+ people. Sarita is very professional and always makes me feel very welcome. I recommend Essex Sanctuary 5 star approval. Absolutely Brilliant service!
Most deserved 5stars, from requesting a consultation to being contacted to attend my consultation and then having treatments done the communication was amazing yet professional. Sarita is amazing, I have looked for around 2 years for a place I felt most comfortable to go for treatments and I am so glad I waited until I found this place, I felt so relaxed througout and my results are excatly what I hoped for and was explained to me. I have already recommended to my friends 😊
I was very hesitant about having anti wrinkle injections, after a lot of research and a recommendation I choose the essex sanctuary and was not disappointed!I was worried about the cosmetic look that a lot of people seem to get after having the injections but Dr Sharma makes me look fresh faced and not at all harsh!
Seeking treament for my problem areas, i was unsure of what would be the right one for me. On consutation with Dr Sharma, was given indepth and great advise on what procedures,treatnents and which products that would be good for me. I went ahead with the treatments and am very pleased with the results. Was given advice on after care and a follow up appoitment. Overall the experiance and care I recieved was excellent and would highly recomend Essex Santuary.
I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience and results. Sarita explained the Botox process fully and in detail, completely putting me at ease, as prior to visiting, a previous negative experience I’d had at a different ‘clinic’ left me feeling a tad apprehensive. I would recommend Sarita to anybody. Not only is she extremely knowledgable and professional; she has a warm, friendly nature and is a lovely person. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Amazing!Friendly, knowledgable and you will be guaranteed fantastic results. I am so grateful to have finally found an honest and effective therapist that not only provides the best products but also, explains in detail what each and every product or treatment does to the skin.My face was noticeably better after just one visit! I couldn’t recommend enough!
I came to Sarita as the effects of aging were beginning to bother me. Sarita was exceptional! She listened to my concerns, reassured me about any fears. She explained the product options and her own knowledge and experience which meant I felt completely relaxed undergoing treatment. I was thrilled with the results and follow up care!
So great full for my treatment by Sarita. Was one of my best choices I’ve made, couldn’t be more pleased with the result of having tear trough fillers. It’s given me such a boost. Thank you! I would highly recommend, Essex Sanctuary
Sarita you are truly amazing…. I’mBlown away from my results …I didn’t ever think I would get my desired look from one treatment you delivered this for me …from the bottomOf my heart I thank you . You explained in depth the facial anatomy of the muscles .You are so knowledgeable… You are so compassionate and caring you made me feel so at ease . I love my results thank you !
Wonderful experience from a very nervous patient . Kind caring and totally professional.Options without obligation and fabulous results .If you are considering.., go and see her you won’t regret it. It’s given me confidence and I have complete faith in Sarita .Thank you for all you have done for me x
I have had anti-wrinkle injections with Sarita and I got the results I wanted!!! She made me feel years younger and much more confident. Sarita gives a first class service to her clients, the consultation was extremely informative and also in a friendly manner and the "top up" appointment is a wonderfull service.Sarita is a true professional with an excellent customer service skill, and a kind and gentle person. I have recommended her to all my friends!!!
I was so pleased with my Botox from Sarita. A very professional service and follow up care! I can highly recommend Essex Sanctuary
Sarita is absolutely lovely, makes you feel very at ease. Fabulous aftercare, lovely facilities. Would highly recommend 👌
Sarita is so lovely and great at what she does. I was extremely nervous the first time I attended but was put at ease straight away and not rushed into anything at all. I am extremely pleased with my botox results i wanted natural and that's what I got. I would recommend Sarita to anyone, she is amazing!
I have suffered with chronic migraines and jaw neuralgia for 12 years had every treatment available and followed every dietary aspect to no avail thanks to Sarita who is fully qualified ( don’t go anywhere else ) sarita has used her expertise and Botox to inject my forehead and jaw and I am now virtually pain free and I look younger which is an added a bonus “ sarita has given me my life back” if you suffer migraines or face pain please contact her she will discuss your pain and work out a plan best for you , lovely kind professional lady and no it doesn’t hurt at all !!!
Absolutely amazing service,Totally changed my life in all aspects with the treatments from Senita.

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