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Whatever your skin concern, age, skin type or gender, there are several vitally beneficial treatments that are available to you to help you have the skin appearance and feel that you desire.


There is no “one same approach’ to skin treatment since we all have different appearances and qualities of skin based on age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, genetics, etc. Dr Sharma will assess you individual needs and desires on a personal basis and advise the best care ideal for you.


     Forehead treatments:

    • to soften horizontal lines across the forehead and vertical lines (frown lines)  in between eyebrows
    • to reduce forehead/scalp sweating

    Eyebrows to:

    • lift or shape eyebrows
    • lift upper eyelid skin
    • open up eyes,
    • or correct asymmetry of brows

    Eye treatments :

    • to soften crows feet (laughter) lines and tighten skin
    • to reduce puffiness, dryness, fine lines or dark circles under the eyes
    • to soften lines under eyes
    • to disguise eyebags and correct tear trough formation, reducing hollowness and darkness

    Temples :

    • to fill out hollow temple region

    Nose treatments :

    • to lift the tip of the nose
    • to straighten any curvature or voids in the nose; correct shape of nose
    • to soften ‘bunny” lines formed on top of nose upon scrunching


    Cheeks treatments :

    • to
    • define cheekbones
    • give volume to flat sunken or hollow cheeks
    • lift and tighten skin in lower face

    Lip treatments to:

    • define border of lips
    • shape lips
    • stop lipstick bleeding
    • shape cupids bow
    • increase size of lips
    • soften lines above and below lips
    • correct asymmetry of lips
    • to soften lines above and below lips


    • Professional teeth whitening

    Gummy smile (where too much gum is shown upon smiling) :

    • to reduce exposure of gums upon smiling and lower upper lip to ideal natural looking level

    Nose to mouth lines :

    • to soften deep looking grooves

    Corners of the mouth (sad smile) :

    • to correct droopy looking mouth and lift smile

    Lower jaw muscles :

    • to reduce jaw pain associated with teeth grinding
    • to slim the face or reduce the appearance of a square jaw appearance

    Jawline :

    • to sharpen and define jawline and tighten skin
    • to give shape to angle of jaw

    Jowels :

    • to tighten jowels (sagging skin) and give smooth definition to lower jawline


    • reduce dimpling appearance
    • tighten skin
    • and soften groove between chin and lower lip
    • to correct shape of chin

    Neck :

    • to soften horizontal lines or ‘turkey neck’ appearance
    • to tighten skin and rejuvenate neck

    Overall skin improvement. 

    Non-surgical face lift


    Dermal filler treatments

    combinations of treatments

    Acne or trauma scarring treatments

    Treatments for loose, saggy skin

    Treatments for fine lines and wrinkles


    Facial lines treatment

    Dermal filler treatment


    Radio frequency skin tightening

    Hyperpigmentation treatments

    Anti ageing treatments

    Treatments for oily and problem skin :

    Treatments for poor skin texture and skin tone